Monday, September 7, 2009

1. Health Through Forensic Science

Lady Liberty Knows Truth & Justice

Having been trained as a legal researcher/ paralegal at St. Mary’s College in Moraga California 25 years ago, I quickly learned that Triers of Fact (Judges & Jurors), can only find the truth with facts. Opinions, feeling, assumptions, creative license of any sort are not acceptable to Triers of Fact or any one seeking the truth about an issue.

If your issue was health as was my concern, then you would want the kind of doctor that relentlessly seeks the truth. That’s Dr. Wallach. He said “You need to have a zero tolerance for disease”.

Health is dynamic, not static. Health requires daily vigilance.

That daily vigilance must be directed towards a proven system. Dr. Wallach & Dr. Ma Lan have developed just such a system based on natural nutritional supplementation with a primary focus on minerals and trace minerals. Dr. Wallach states that “the average person in the U. S. dies at the age of 75 to 78 and most of these people have doctors. If I can’t get my patients beyond the age of 100, then I wouldn’t consider myself much of a doctor.” The body requires 60 minerals to retain health free of food borne diseases. Dr. Wallach's experience as a pathologist tells him which minerals will get you to 100 years of age. Genesis 6:3 indicates that Dr. Wallach is on point and headed the right direction.

Dr. Joel Wallach has preformed over 17000 autopsies of human beings and animals in South Africa and United States of America over a 50 year career so far and showing no signs of slowing down.

The experience of performing over 17000 autopsies gave Dr. Wallach a very different view of what takes a life before its time.

Human beings & animals are “electronic magnetic organisms”. Human beings & animals are wired to be electronic magnetic organisms. Human and animal wiring systems are correctly known as the nervous systems. You could say that people are electronic instruments like computers, radios, TVs; all 4 operate electrical systems requiring the travel of electric energy for the instrument to operate successfully. TVs, radios and computers all have wiring and conductors for direct connections.

Minerals and trace minerals make up the human body’s conductors, without ingesting the proper minerals and trace minerals in the proper amounts, the human body will not reach its potential of 120 years of age.

If we were truly paying attention, we would do the things that Dr. Wallach tells us to do just because we know that it’s based on the truth and the right thing to do. Dr Wallach's goal is to get his patients/clients to a hundred are more years of age. I'm extremely happy to contribute to his success. God is guiding Dr. Wallach & Dr. Ma Lan. They have talent on loan from God.

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  1. Being a member of Dr. Wallach's team I have found his products to be miraculous!! I've never felt so good, so energetic and free from pain in years!

    I've suffered for more years than I want to think about and now I feel as though my life is just beginning..

    Thank you Oliver for sharing your knowledge with us, we need MORE people to step up to the plate and out of their comfort box and give these Minerals a chance. We wouldn't have to be too concerned about what the government is doing to fatten their pockets at our expense if we learn the TRUTH, and make a plan and stick with it. LONG LIVE DR. WALLACH, LONG LIVE OLIVER and LONG LIVE AMERICANS

    I'm going to step out of my comfort box and will express the joys of knowing Dr. Wallach and all his CDs, Videos, tapes, and products until it 'rolls off the tongue'.

    Great Job!!